Valve Hardware Wiki - What happened?

After much thought I have decided that I am going to step back from running the Valve Hardware Wiki for the time being. I couldn’t commit to running a project of that size with my current IRL circumstances. I’ve started a new job, planning on moving etc. oh there’s a lot.

Plus running a wiki is hard like damn, the second anyone seems to get even so much as a whiff of mediawiki an insane amount of bots come storming your way, it’s absolutely crazy. Definitely wasn’t prepared for that. It was a learning experience though that helped me understand a little bit more about how mediawiki works. Maybe one day I’ll start this up again but for the time being here are some great resources for learning about PC gaming both on Windows and Linux:

Happy gaming!

If you wish to have the domain to carry on the wiki, just reach out to me on twitter and I’ll transfer it your way!